Rebels With A Cause book cover

Rebels With A Cause (Landers Publishing 2007, ISBN: 9781876713195)

Jan Daisley’s story details her journey and that of her friends – and their battles and campaigns to gain equality, dignity, and access to full inclusion of people with a disability in every aspect of social, political, economic and cultural life.

Jan and her friends helped lay the foundation stones which formed the Disability Rights Movement in Australia.

REBELS WITH A CAUSE is the sequel to CAPTIVES OF CARE written by John Roarty in 1981, and I HEAR MORE THAN YOU SEE by Jan Daisley, published in 2005.

This is a truly moving and inspirational story about people with disability who have shown tremendous courage, sheer determination, and hope. They truly are Rebels with a Cause.

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I Hear More Than You See (Landers Publishing 2005, ISBN: 187671316X)

This is a fascinating and moving autobiography, detailing Jan Daisley’s journey through a horrific accident, rehabilitation, institutionalisation and finally to a home in the community.

Jan is portrayed with an immense resolve to regain her life after the accident, shown through the many battles and campaigns that she fights, along with the people she lived with in the institution, for fairer living conditions and basic human rights.

Throughout the book, the importance of family, friends and faith run as central themes. Several important relationships keep Jan grounded and supported in her struggles, and the unfolding of some extraordinary friendships show both the esteem in which she is held by others and the importance of those friendships in the defining and redefining oneself.

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The Good, the Bad and the Unbelievable – Carers I Have Known (

This book is testament to Jan’s perseverance, courage and dogged determination to forge a good life while relying on paid supports. Her vivid description of support relationships over time will beggar belief to many, but ring true to those readers who have lived in ‘service land’. Amidst the many obstructions, abuses and barriers thrown up by disrespect and poor practice, some relationships shine. These relationships, grounded in recognition and respect, not only sustain Jan through difficult times, but are clearly equally as fulfilling for her workers, friends and supporters.

I wrote this book in the hope it would help those entering the NDIS. To assist them when applying, interviewing and choosing paid care staff. I found what you see and hear during an interview, does not always ring true. You must go with your gut feeling, about people’s trustworthiness. To me, trust is a large part of any working relationship. If anyone would like my help in this regard, please feel free to contact me. I also have paperback copies of my book available, if you would prefer a hard copy. These can be purchased by sending me an email on, and I will send you a copy via mail. To do this, I will need your name and postal address, and a cheque or money order to cover the purchase and postal costs.

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